cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3
cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3
cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3


Playstation 3 Cheat Codes

PS3 haze cheat codes

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    cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3


    Haze Playstation 3 cheat codes and Haze review

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    PS3 haze cheat codes

    Haze Just some tid bits until more detailed cheats and walk throughs are available.

    During Offline Single player campaign mode, at any time other players (up to 4 total) can join your campaign by pressing the start button on the other controllers.

    As you Progress through the various levels . Use things like (in the copper plant) Emegency flares to help quide you to your next objective. In the Swamp you'll use the fire flies (orange glow) for navigation. Each level has something different even audio cues like the sound of helicoptors and gun fire. Look and listen for them.

    Gabriel Skin coat Merino level 2

    • lever for gate found in the shadows of the shed to the left of the door
    • After Picking up Josh- Drive quickly through the canyon to avoid mines and falling rocks. If too many rocks land on your vehicle, your vehicle will explode. Navigate through and some times it's better to let rocks fall in front and your car will push them out of the way.
    • When you here the warning that the Box cart has taken to much damage (fast warning beeps) Hop out and let it explode. Another Box Cart will spawn
    • Listen closely to the computer in the vehicle as you drive over jumps for some comic relief
    • The Computer also acknowledges good safe drivers as well
    • In the copper factory you can shoot steam pipes to cause harm to your enemies you can also Blow up barrels.

    Playing as a rebel

    • nectar knife- Throw your knife into a Mantel solder then retrieve it. The next time you use it it will make the next Mantel Soldier OD
    • Tap L2 to play dead, You will disappear and when the mantel soldier is past tap x to pop up and suprise attack.
    • Nectar Grenade- Walk up to a dead Mantel soldier hold grenade and it will get covered in nector throw grenade and all the mantel soldiers in the area will OD and start killing each other
    • Melee Kick- Hold L2 and your player will hit keep holding L2 down and your player will power kick

    Online Map Glitch with the Floating Turot PS3 haze cheat codes

    Promise Hand Village

    • When finished with last objective follow the sound of the helicopter to find Merino to get your next objectives. The Closer you get to Merino the louder the Helicopter will be.

    On the Bridge Missle defense

    • Make sure as you approach the bridge you pick up the rocket launcher. Use it to blow the helicoptors out of the sky. Then further down you clear out the Mantel troops up to the center support, you'll be called back to the launcher. Go back to the launcher then run behind back to the rocket launchers and pick up another one. At this point if you have a friend or a little brother or sister in the room, it would be a good time to have them press start on the other controller and enter the game in split screen. Have them get a launcher as well. and then have them stay behind the launcher. As you approach the middle bridge support a lone mantel will be ripping apart your guys from a fixed gun. then helicopters will enter the scene again.
      Don't fire until they have dropped off their people. Then use the rocket launcher to fire and blow them away. There will be Mantel troopers Under and on top of the bridge . Use the stair case in the center support to get them. If you land in the water the center support has a ladder to reach a platform and from there you can use the stair to get back to the main level.

    PS3 haze cheat codes


    cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3



    HAZE No spoiler Review Revised.

    Edit to original review -

    After playing the game and writing our original review which you'll find below we played through the game again. Our reason was to attempt to find cause for the poor reviews Haze received from the big gaming websites. This time through we took our time and really studied the game's different attributes. Well this review may have a bit of a spoiler effect but we feel we must reveal some information in an attempt to help you understand why we gave the original review a rating which we feel deserves a buy recommendation.original review (At the bottom of this page along with online tips)

    The game Haze has a storyline that is a little more intellectually and psychologically mature then most fps games. We found the representation of the effects of the use of Nectar and the characters reactions to be right on target with how real H and cocktail drug addicts behave and talk. All of us have known the guy whether in school or at a job that was into some wierd "sh!t". You know the guy that has a limited vocabulary and often has a lot to say but none of which means anything. "Dude, dude, yeah dude, oh dude, man that was so freaken sweet, dude." In many ways this game has nailed that guy and his addicted "amped" body language down to the point of being humorous. We loved when you are in a fight and getting hit amped on nectar and your hands are in pristine gloves. Then all of a sudden the nectar levels drop and your glove no longer appears pristine instead it is dripping in your blood. The dead that appear to disappear while high on nectar reappear grotesque and mangled. Your own graying dying image appears in flashes as you begin to withdraw from nectar. In the real world a meth addict looks in the mirror while high and doesn't see the gray sunken in face and hollowed empty eyes of death approaching. They don't see the rotting teeth. They only see what the drug lets them see, health not the approaching death.

    The major websites also slammed the navigation of the game. Well maybe the reviewers have been raised on HUD navigation/radar for an absolute path in every game they play. We appreciate the way Ubisoft used verbal clues to guide the characters as well as visual environmental indicators that never took away from the sense you were that person attempting to feel their way through the level. This technique gives the game a feel of realism. I mean really how often do real soldiers know exactly what turns to make in a building to find the bad guy? How many really have mapping eye pieces that show in real time exactly where the bad guy is?

    We agree that the ai of the computer teammates has little to be desired. We feel that this has a lot to do with the fact the game was developed for four player offline split screen co-op campaigning. Hey to get a four player co-op split screen ability during campaign, I'll happily accept the sometimes lame antics of my computer teammates when I am campaigning alone when my friends (the "real intelligence") aren't able to stop by. We place little importance on the ai of our computer teammates. The important AI is the AI of the opponents.

    The ai of the enemy characters is outstanding even on easy. The enemy characters react and respond to where you are and what you are doing very quickly on almost all levels. They actually hide as a response and not as a cycled movement. Impressive

    We are not going to beat this review into the ground but as we said this game deserved a far better rating then 4.5 and 6 that the big two gaming sites gave.

    This is a next gen game for a next gen system, maybe it's time that "Next Gen Gamers" start reviewing the games.

    Original Review

    Over all the graphics are great, and the textures are intense with a few exceptions of areas that have just textures and no depth, mainly rock walls and a couple of places in the swamp. The HUD is a bit confusing and takes a little getting used to. As a mantel trooper spotting the rebels without a dose of nector is difficult so keep a good supply on you and only use it when you need it. Weapons like the OSO (massive power) and LOBO can be found laying around just use your triangle button to pick them up. Sniping with the pistol is similar to halo and that would be the only similarity we could find although many will say Haze is the Halo of PS3. It most definitely is not. It's a whole different game produced by a group that has been producing these types of games since long before XBox or halo were even a thought on paper.

    Online play- Some draw backs on the Mantel Team.

    • If you play as a mantel trooper then you are easily seen by the rebels due to your bright yellow trim on your uniform
    • As a Mantel Trooper the rebels can easily cause you to OD on Nector by a Melee to your back where the nector is stored. The rebels can also snipe the Nector pack from a distance causing you to OD and begin firing at everything even your own team members.

    The up side of being on the Mantel Team

    • You dose up with Nector and hieghten your senses and easily spot and snip the rebels who are difficult to see when you are not on nector even in the swamp maps
    • Nector gives you added stamina

    Some Online drawbacks as a rebel

    • You can't nector up to regain stamina or heighten your senses

    The up side being on the Rebel Team

    • You can snipe teh Nector pouch on the back of mantel troopers (yellow circle of dots) which will cause them to OD and to begin firing at their own team mates
    • You can play Dead so the Mantel troopers walk past you.
    • Your Uniform offers great cover especially when playing the darker maps

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    cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3


    cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3