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    Resistance Fall of man

    Resistance: Fall of Man - Playstation 3 Cheat Codes ps 3

    To get multi-player bonuses -Press Start at Soldier Load-out screen then enter following codes-

    Multi player Bonuses-

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    • a7f6 6e7c 05ec 1728 -Cloven helmet with bandanna playstation3 cheat codes ps3
    • a8f4 d189 68f8 559e -Cloven skin playstation 3 cheat codes ps3
    • d708 6b08 0f1c b5f6 -Cloven bearded head playstation 3 cheat codes ps3
    • fa3e f1f4 61e1 f6e0 -Cloven helmet playstation 3 cheat codes ps3



    Resistance Tips:

    Level/ problem Tip

    Outgunned- beating the stalker

    By the time the stalker comes a dropship should have already dropped off a shipment of enemies. Run into the indestructable bunker. (itís in the roadway where you first walked out onto the battle field.

    Multiplayer- being on fire, targeted, grenade stuck to you

    Rapidly move forward and backward while rapidly looking up and down. If itís a grenade, after the grenade comes off, RUN!!! The grenade magically hovers until it erupts in flame!

    Any Level- leapers swarming

    Back yourself into a corner and fire your fastest firing gun (bullseye) at the little guys.

    River Thames- too many Chimera in subway entrance

    Get the fareye out and snipe a few in slow motion to get there attention , then sit back in the corner and fire a hailstorm turret.(there is hailstorm ammo farther up). Then wait with the shotgun in the corner.

    Nottingham, Viperís nest- beating it

    Stay back near the tunnel you entered through and lock on to the Titan with the bullseye. Then fire away.

    Once he explodes and all hybrids are taken care of, go to the hoverpad where the hybrids came from.
    As you walk around, you WILL encounter at least two enemies close range. After you kill them, take the fareye and snipe the two turret gunners on the other drilling platform. Walk carefully across the thin metal debris. After defeating everyone on that platform, run to the next platform and kill the steelhead with the auger and all of the menials. Turn the shiny yellow switch only AFTER killing everyone (medium to long range) on the platform that is shooting at you.

    As soon as this button is pushed more people will rush out of the other side of the platform. Kill them and advance to the platform, go down the hoverpad tube thing, then kill the other titan. Hiding behind the hoverpad structure is recommended.

    Multiplayer- not going fast enough only works in

    Run by tapping L2

    For misplaced aggression

    For misplaced aggression where you hav to blow up the cars,- the last car is OFF THE MAP. you go to on of the barracades blocking the road out of town, i can'taccurately tell you where it is, but you look out at the road and there should be one lone car sitting out there.

    Get the cool Black Ops uniform

    Beat game the game in insane-- can be done in co-op play as well.

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