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    Next Gen Game Console Reviews

    We have tested and accepted reviews on all three next generation computer video gaming systems. As far as graphics are concerned the Microsoft's xbox 360 and Sony's PS3 capable of 1080p are both similar since the xbox has recently released a HDMI update on all it's new 360 consoles. The slight difference leans in favor of the playstation 3 with games produce on hd blueray format disks.

      Playstation 3 does offer more out off the box than Xbox 360, and the PS3 network is free to owners of the PS3.

      PS3 premium-60 gig, 80gig
    • Blue Ray Player
    • Playstation 3 games are produced on 50 gigabyte bluray disks
    • True 1080p HiDef
    • PSP Remote play ability (some new games will be playable through remote play from the ps3 streamed top the psp via the psn network
    • The internal 60 gig 80gig hard drive- capable of storing Ps2 memorycard game saves, photo, movies, music etc…
    • Ability to hook up external hard drives, and jump drives- and transfer music, photos, videos, etc……. Playstation 3 Solutions
    • Key board and mouse abilities
    • Printer ability
    • Text chat, video chat, and voice chat availible
    • Surf anywhere on the net like any computer (PS3 Has it's own web browser)
    • 200 PS3 game titles currently available. Estimated 300 more by spring including Haze , Killzone, Little big Planet, MGS4, Final Fantasy, etc.....
    • Play Ps1 games and ps2 titles

    • Xbox 360 Premium $349, 360 Elite $459 and Aracade$249 consoles

    • 360 was first released in 2005.
    • Premium comes with 20 gig hard drive, and headset, Elite comes with a 120 gig harddrive and headset. Arcade only comes with a 256mb card and five preinstalled arcade games
    • ALl new XBox 360 system offer HDMI output
    • Xbox live Gold has monthly fees to play online
    • All systems have HDMI
    • Text chat, video chat, and voice chat available
    • Games on the 360 are all produced on Dual layered Dvds that hold 8.5 gigabytes
    • Plays dvd movies and for hddvd movies the purchase of a Microsoft HDDVD player is reguired for $189.
    • 1080p
    • No web Browser for internet browsing but rumor has it it will come out with a new online interactive "sim"community based system
    • For wireless connections the xbox 360 requires the purchase of a microsoft Wireless adaptor for $100 but a knock off will do.
    • Xbox 360 currently has more games available But has many reported hardware issues. Microsoft has extended the Warranty on the 360 console to 3 full years for one such issue that many call the Red Ring of Death or RROD. If you have this issue or have suffered disk scratching contact Microsoft Support at 1-800-4my-xbox for Console exchange and repair

    • Wii

    • The Wii is very innovative and is a riot to play. You actually get tired.
    • The internet browser (once downloaded for free on the Wii beats them all for surfing the net with ease.. )
    • The Wii also allows you to download old nintendo classics to play on the Wii.
    • You can play gamecube games and the Wii has ports for up to four gamecube controllers and 2 gamecube memory cards.
    • The Wii has it's own online community and has online gaming.
    • It also has two usb ports for importing photos etc....









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