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    What is the Fold@Home Project?
  • The Folding@home™ is a distributed computing project that Stanford University has been running since 2000. Since then over a million CPU's have signed up to take part in this study to help researchers better understand the protien folding and misfolding as it relates to specific deseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's etc...

    Researchers hope by understanding the protein folding process it may lead to cures and preventions of many deseases which plague our society.

    What does this have to do with The Playstation 3?

    Since the release of the Playstation 3, the system has impressed many technology enthusiast and it was soon discovered that the processing power of the PS3 is so powerfull that it is capable of doing in only two weeks what a high end Computer would take a full year to do when applied to this project. So Sony has graciously put the software necessary on their update 1.6 for PS3 owners to become apart of this amazing project to help cure and prevent deseases. has only recently March 23, become a part of this program and is inviting anyone who would like to become apart of the cure to Join our team.

    How Do I join?

    First update your Playstation 3 at the Playstation 3 website.

    Then on your Ps3 Menu goto the Icon below the ps3store and click on it.

    When asked for your team # put in 57729

    Team Name=

    Please contact us if you have any Questions.
  • For more information check this Link Information for PS3 Fold@home


    Folding@home™ official Stanford website


    • To submit a cheat code or game tip Email us at and put the name of the game in the subject line.