PLAYSTATION 2 Game Cheat Codes

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PLAYSTATION 2 Game Cheat Codes

PLaystation da vinci code

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PS2 Cheats

PS2 Game Cheats for The Da Vinci Code

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 The Da Vinci Code Game Cheats

At the Code Screen enter

Et In Arcadia Ego - All Bonuses PS2 Game Cheats

Vitruvian Man - Infinite Health PS2 Game Cheats

Clos Luce 1519 - Level Select PS2 Game Cheats

Apocrypha - Full Visual Database PS2 Game Cheats

Sacred Feminine- Double Health PS2 Game Cheats

Phillips Exeter - One Hit Kill (punch) PS2 Game Cheats

Royal Holloway - One Hit Kill (gun or knife) PS2 Game Cheats




Playstation 2 disk read error: If you recieve a disk read error it is time to clean the playstation 2 console. Purchase a dvd cleaner. Insert cleaning disk into your playstation 2 and as it spins it will clean the internal parts so your games will play like new.