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Corning, holeshots, jumps - how to's. How to get the holeshot. How best to enter and handle corners and jumps during an mx race.

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MESSAGE TO MX Enthusiasts 2011 is in the process of updating motocross track information on the website. As we call to re-verify MX track Listings, we are sad to learn about many many MX track closures. Some of the track closures are due to the economy, yet others have been forced to close and in some cases not even permitted to open due to noise levels or potential noise levels coming from MX tracks and trails. Whether you are visiting a practice track a sanctioned MX race track, we urge everyone to respect the track owners by keeping your rides quiet. Avoid using exhausts systems that have been altered that cause excessive noise.

Support your Local Motocross Tracks

Without these family operated local Motocross / atv tracks and trails for a family to ride, the sport of motocross will begin to suffer as a whole. We all need to work together to help local trails and MX track owners stay in business. Please support the local business in the area of the tracks as well. By riders supporting communities where the tracks are located it will help support the track and riding areas.

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    Motocross Riding and Racing Tips

    motocross tracks and riding tips motocross corners, motorcross holeshot
    motocross tracks and riding tips motocross corners, motorcross holeshot
       motocross tracks and riding tips motocross corners, motorcross holeshot

    Motocross Corning Video Above
          motocross tracks and riding tips motocross corners, motorcross holeshot


    Motocross Races- are they won at the start or are they won in the corners?

    Confidence, Competence and coordination are the keys to good cornering. Whether you are riding into a berme, smooth corner, or those intimidating rutted corners, if you can cut time in the corners the motocross race is yours.

    It takes practice to gain the confidence necessary to conquer any motocross track corner. Find a motocross practice track and focus on one type of corner at a time. Ride hard through that corner each time. Remember that each time through you should be attack ready with elbows out, driving hard and use both brakes. Have your body up standing back with your weight over the rear wheel as you approach, and as you enter the corner, slam hard sitting forward with your body positioned as forward as it can be.

    Your body forward forces the front wheel to stick instead of flailing over the berm or corner. As you enter the corner, in your minds eye, you convince yourself you have succeeded already so look ahead to the next task and drive hard to reach it. Use the inside leg for balance and to add additional weight to the front -coordination.

    motocross tracks and riding tips motocross jumps, motorcross jump

    Don't shy from rutted corners, they can be used to your advantage if you don't fight them. Keep your weight forward and on the outside peg. Be mindful and take advantage of other motocross riders mistakes in the corners. And practice, practice, practice to gain competence and shake off the crashes. They happen to everyone in motocross racing!


    motocross tracks and riding tips motocross corners, motorcross holeshot

    Some motocross enthusiast believe if you get the holeshot you've won the race or at least the first half. When the start gate, or flag drops down, be the first to make it to and through the corner and you have freed yourself from the masses to make some huge gains.

    Start off by making sure you know the maximum power range of your bike, don't overrev your motocross bike and don't go into gear too soon or you'll have substantial power loss before the gate drops.

    Balance is key, if you can plant both feet and keep your weight even over the bike you will have a chance at a holeshot. If you can't plant both feet, prepare your motocross race starting position by moving dirt or use a block to build the area around your bike.

    When practicing feel for small slid outs from side to side and tire spins then learn what weight position works best for each track condition you encounter to avoid the slide outs and spins. All the power is at the back so sit back and have your weight over the back tire to force the tread to stick.

    Watch the moto's before yours. Concentrate on the gate drops, try to view the mechanism and what signs it can give the rider of the drop moment. During each moto you watch, in your mind, mentally time when you are going to blast off. Also watch for starting gate areas in which hole shots are acheived consistently by other riders. Look for a relative pattern. Is one area producing more holeshot achievements? The ground could be harder or softer in that area. Get ready early and be out at the starting gate to pick your spot and ensure your waiting stance is balanced. Don't worry if you miss the hole shot, you can make huge gains by mastering corners and jumps. ....

    Front flip 360ьз╕ Motocross Jump - Mark Monea

    Finding MX Sponsorships
    Electricross Trail and MX Bikes
    Family MX Parks
    Child Riders
    Motocross Future
    Kids Just Want to Ride Act

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