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Haunted Mansion Playstation 2 video game cheat codes

Haunted Mansion Playstation 2 cheat codes

To play as the following charactors enter the following ps 2 cheat codes during game play

  • Invincibility-hold RIGHT press SQUARE, CIRCLE(x3) SQUARE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, X playstation 2 cheat codes
  • Level Select-hold RIGHT press CIRCLE(x2), SQUARE, TRIANGLE(x2), SQUARE, CIRCLE, X. playstation 2 cheat codes
  • Play as Skeleton Zeke-at the legal copyright screeen hold down TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, X. playstation 2 cheat codes
  • Play as Invisible Zeke- during the intro movie Hold X + Square + L1 + R1 playstation 2 cheat codes
  • Weapon Bonus-Hold RIGHT press SQUARE(x2), TRIANGLE(x2), CIRCLE(x3), X. playstation 2 cheat codes