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End Game Playstation 2 video game cheat codes

End Game Playstation 2 cheat codes

Complete the game arcade mode with the Following weapons to unlock the other weapons-

  • pistol - unlock machine gun
  • machine gun - Cane gun
  • cane gun - Shotgun


  • Get Arcade & Mirror Modes- Complete game
  • Get Hyper Arcade Mode-Complete game in arcade mode using shotgun
  • Get Music Jukebox-Finish all levels in the Mighty Joe Trilogy
  • Unlock Everything- At the title screen- Press start- at the main menu- press x 13 times, Square , X 5 times,Square,x 2 times, Square, X 9 times, Square, X 7 times, Square, X 3 Times, Square, X 8 times, Square, X 5 times, Square, X 1 time ,Square, X 20 times. Menu will disappear and reappear.

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