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Playstation 2 Problems

PS 2 Solutions

Playstation 2 Video Game - Disk Read Error

If you have a disk read error on your playstation 2 console buy a dvd lens cleaning kit for under 12 dollars. Insert the cleaning disk cd into the ps2 system and let it clean. It may take one or two cleanings to fully work. Then clean once a month by repeating the above steps.

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DVD Movies won't play on the playstation 2 -

Disk Read error

Try the above with the Lens cleaner. If the DVD movie still won't play in the playstation 2 system it may be due to the fact some newer DVD movies produced by some companies such as Disney will simply not be recognized by the playstation 2 video system.

PS 1 Controllers on ps2 x button is recognized as down all the time once pressed

Unplug and plug back into the playstation 2 console every new menu. Or buy a ps 2 controller.

Playstation 2 controller will randomly pause

Just press un-pause , turn system off and restart and /or buy new controller

Playstation 2 Controller uncalibrated

(doesn't move where you want it to)

Unplug the ps2 controller and turn off the system. Before turning system back on plug the controller back in. Make sure the controller is right side up with nothing effecting the buttons or stick.

Can't playstation save game to card

Even though both types of games can be played on the PS2 System, make sure the memory card matches the game format. Example: PS2 card for playstation 2 games and playstation cards for playstation (1) games.

Playstation Cup Holder won't work

Well first, remove cup because it's not a cup holder it's a cd tray. Next, If this did not fix your problem send unit back to sony for maintenance.

Playstation Games freezing during play

If you use a non- sony ps2 memory card this may cause games to freeze even if you didn't even access the card during game play. Pull the card out and restart the game without the card.

Colors in screen seem purple-ish

Blink. It's Okay, you can Blink during game play. Blinking won't affect your game score. You can even take a break to maybe sleep, or eat as well. Just press pause or save game.

Can we burn back up copies of ps 2 games?

A1) If your disk becomes to scratched some software producers will replace disk if you send the original in. Contact software company before you send it in.

A2) This action would violate copyright laws but there are websites that offer the mod chip and software necessary.


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